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Gord Farm

Gord Farm has a very special place in No88's heart. They were the first supplier to reach out to us to use their produce. We were delighted Jodi and David came to No88 for lunch and asked if we wanted to try some of her produce, We jumped at the chance and when we tried her vegetables in was a no brainer. We asked if we could visit and see her set up. Two weeks later John, Ross and Karen were at Gord farm to see how Jodi and David had set it out. We were so excited to see the produce that was growing and to hear her plans on how they were going to get bigger year on year. We look forward to working closely with Good farm, talking over future menus and how they can help keep us supplied 

Jodi's Purple broccoli 
Some of the best root veg that you will ever get
An other farm an other breath taking view 
The Facts

Distance from No88

23 miles

What Jodi and David Produces

Vegetables, herbs and salad

What we use it for

Jodi delivers her produce when she is in Lerwick this means she is usually dropping stuff of on a Friday or Saturday. This means it is perfect for our Sunday roast, her carrots and parsnips taste so good when we roast them. We have also used some of her purple broccoli for our vegetarian starter on a Sunday it is so fresh and tasty, that just pan fried with a little garlic butter and sesame oil,  is taste heaven.


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