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L&G Tulloch

L&G Tulloch are key to keeping No88 supplied with top quality Shetland produce.  Lyle and Gemma work hard to make sure their produce is some of the best around. When John and Ross got over to Bressay to visit them it was lambing season and the boys got to see some new borns. This really made it hit home to them just how valuable every part of the animal is, for this reason you will often see Lamb offal on the menu for specials or as a starter on Sundays. Gemma also has a policrub to help her grow for longer in the harsh Shetland conditions.

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Gemma's Chickens for some awesome eggs
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L&G Tulloch îs a really family affair 
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Lyle's flock have some of the best view in the wold
The facts

Distance from No88

2.6 miles

What Lyle and Gemma supply 

Lamb, Eggs, Salad, Edible flowers, Herbs 

What we use it for:

We use Lyle's lamb for our 9hr braised lamb on our main menu. Because we cook it so slowly we can use the whole of the animal meaning that nothing goes to waste as well as this we use the offal on our Sunday menu as a starer or often we have it as specials. We also use Gemma's salad to go alongside our lobster and crab and on our lunch menu. When we can, we get nasturtium flowers and leaves from her we love them they just finish a dish off and look great on our plates.

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