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Island fish

Island fish have some of the best and freshest fish that there is going in Shetland. We are in a really lovely position when we get our fish from them, before the catch going to mainland Scotland has even started it's journey. John will also contact the boys to let them know about specials that are on the market. We get some of the best Langoustine from island fish. John and Ross were lucky enough for John to take them to the fish market one evening to explain how it all worked, it was a quite night at one of the busiest markets in the UK but that meant that John could take them through every stage of the process and explain how he is able to buy the freshest and best stuff that is offered to the market, a real skill.

Whole squid
Fresh haddock
Beautiful langoustines
The Facts

Distance to No88

1.9 miles

What John supplies

Squid, prawns, haddock, hake, Langoustines, mussels, clams

What we use it for

We love to get fresh fish into No88 and we always have hake on the dinner menu.  Haddock on lunch and dinner menus as you cannot beat some fish and chips. We often have Shetland mussels on the menu as well. 81% of the UK's mussels are grown in Shetland so just imagine how fresh they are when we get them. We also really on John's produce for specials, Langoustines in our roasted garlic butter always sell out fast.

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