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Shetland Janitorial

Not all our suppliers are food or drink. Right from the very start of  No88, Shetland Janitorial have been fantastic. They are so easy to speak to and get advice from and they have their own range of products that they supply to us. For us at No88 it was important that we were not having our cleaning products shipped across the country, so having a family run business on our doorstep, that could help us out was fantastic news. Also they have the fastest delivery in Shetland.  It is unbelievable how quick they are when we need something.

A range of their own cleaning products
Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 12.07.09.png
Every kind of bucket you could want
Shetland Janny has everything you need
The Facts

Distance to No88

0.6 miles

What Shetland Janny supplies

Dishwash, rinseaid, mops and buckets, gloves. oven cleaning tabs

What we use there products for

We use their products to keep No88 clean and tidy, making sure everywhere is spotless and ready for our guests 

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